More effective debt support for:
BanksAdvice AgenciesFinancial InstitutionsMortgage Brokers
Give your customers back control
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Help your customers get quick control of their debt
Debtsense offers immediate feedback on suitable debt management options and gives customers access to trusted solution providers.
Trusted referral option for advice agencies
An easy to use online tool that draws on best advice to give customers the chance to review every option suitable for their circumstances.
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Faster resolution of problem debt
Allows customers to apply for a debt solution within minutes and get the help they need, fast. Simplifying previously complex processes.
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Simple online process for customers
Easy-to-use desktop and mobile application that links to open banking and credit scoring for an accurate view of financial status.
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Debtsense can be used as a referral tool or built into your own website.
You can embed comprehensive debt support into your own customer experience.
Frequently asked questions

Debtsense is run by Vision Blue Solutions, an independent provider of compliant and efficient software solutions for the credit and debt recovery sectors.

There is an algorithm built into the Debtsense questionnaire that is based on Vision Blue Solutions’ 10+ years working in the debt industry and with debt solution providers.

Debt solution providers are selected based on their track record as a supplier. We conduct due diligence to ensure they are offering a reliable, trusted and secure service to customers. Where possible, we insist they are authorised and regulated by relevant industry standards such as the Insolvency Practitioners Association and the Financial Conduct Authority.

Users complete a Standard Financial Statement within Debtsense. Much of the information is gathered via open banking (sign-up requested) and credit scoring (consent requested) for an accurate view of financial status.

Debtsense can be provided as an iFrame via a secure API. It is fully optimised for mobile and desktop applications.

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